Peanuts, Peas & Seeds

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Flower Food Honey Sunflower Kernels

Flower Food Honey Roasted Sunflower Kernels. Product of Thailand. Netto Content 60g. ..


Flower Food Pumpkin Kernels

Flower Food Roasted Pumpkin Kernels are crunchy and just simply delicious. Made from high qualit..


Flower Food Roasted Almonds

Flower Food Roasted Almonds are a healthy and delicious treat. Nitrogen packed for freshness and..


Flower Food Roasted Watermelon Kernels

Flower Food Brand Roasted Watermelon Kernels is a delicious snack to eat. The kernels contain a ..


Hand Brand Pumpkin Kernels

Hand Brand Pumpkin Kernels are healhty Thai Vegaterian Pumpkin Kernels which contains Iron. Perf..


Hand Brand Pumpkin Seeds

Hand Brand Pumpkin Seeds are a natural source for a good health, containing Iron and vitamin B1...


Hand Brand Watermelon Seeds

Hand Brand Watermelon Seeds. Product of Thailand. Net Content 130g. ..


Khao Shong Nuts Coconut Peanuts

Khao Shong Nuts Coconut Flavour Coated Peanuts are delicious as a bite or to use in your meals. ..