Glico Pocky Sticks Blueberry Flakes

Glico Pocky Sticks Blueberry Flakes

Glico Pocky Blueberry Flake Sticks is a special Pocky variety - Tsubu Tsubu Blueberry! Tsubu Tsubu is a Japanese term for food containing bits. This amazing Pocky biscuit contains blueberry flakes embedded in a creamy blueberry flavoured coating. The real bits of blueberry give the stick a knobbly texture! Pocky is a very famous Japanese crunchy biscuit stick snack coated with delicious frosting, with gaps at the ends so you can hold them without getting sticky fingers.

This product contains milk, wheat, and soybean. 
Manufactured in a facility that uses eggs and peanuts.

Net Content 35g.

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